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Case Study:



We start wherever you are.


A great idea is electrifying. On paper it almost feels real, a sure thing, we fall in love with it. And real creating is often unexpected and dirty work.


Happily, distinguishing commitment from what you are attached to allows an ability to stay the course. It also allows what is real about an idea to to breath and connect with all that is required for it to evolve.

If this distinction makes sense to you, then we would love to talk to you about your idea. We offer scaled and iterative levels of engagement to take your idea where it can go.

An idea walks in the door


A retired husband and wife had been trying to bring a dream of theirs to market: a completely new and unique Christian cross pendant design that spoke to the diversity and history of their faith as it spread from the Holy Land to the rest of the ancient world. Oddly, this did not exist in the world.

They had a hand drawn diagram of the pendant, but no plan for how to get their design manufactured, how to create a brand or market their pendant, or how to handle fulfillment to a specific, yet global market.

Articulating the Possible

The couple had tried to work with artisanal jewelers to no avail. Given the high costs and potential vendor lock in (as well as the couple's limited resources) Articulated developed their design into a 3D model that could be shopped around to various limited run manufacturers. This also opened up the possibility of derivative and follow up products.

Iteration & Emergence

Converting the 3D model into a physical object became a meditative exercise. Adjustments were made to increase strength while reducing mass; important for keeping costs down for precious metals. Eventually the model was reduced to its smallest possible size, within .05mm tolerances.

Meanwhile, Articulated began working with the designer to translate the overall concept into a story and brand. Indeed the story of the cross was the story of the faith. "History in your hands".

A Business Takes Shape

The ideal business would be one where all ordering, manufacturing (in a variety of materials), global fulfillment and customer service would happen on its own. Out of a field of seven contenders, a winner was selected. The finished pendant itself was unreal.

It was time to clear the deck and start adding back in every best thing that had come out of the entire concept development process.


Order Now!


Leveraging an original text about the history of the cross, Articulated created as a Christian educational resource. This included a 'walk through' of the various pendant symbols and their relevance in the spread of the faith from the Holy Land. This was also an opportunity to highlight the great diversity of Christianity, something that no other cross pendant had ever done.

Supporting business cards, letterhead and retail and wholesale sales materials was also developed. Global Christian Cross is now seeking placement in the very same locations and denominations it honors.

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