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I have two spaces, contexts, where I create for the love of creating. These are spaces where I work out my own ideas, and often make open and safe for others to also reclaim, connect with, and live into their own experience of being a creator. Many new skills, experiences and team members have come together here, ready to venture to what's next.



We are taught or discover all the amazing creations that have changed the world or opened and shifted the experience of life itself.

History celebrates these achievements, this work product, but what is rarely included in the accounts are all the challenges, struggles, dismissals, constraints, every solitary compression that it took for these creators to sense, feel, sort, render and finally express what would finally connect.


This is all, at best, a half truth we all unknowingly lose out on. For it doesn't offer the whole human picture of what it is to be an actual creator. And it sets us all up with unrealistic expectations that our creations have to be perfect, 'right', their value or 'genius' must be self-evident, on the first bounce. It's not just that this keeps people from sharing what they create. It's that so many won't even try. You'd just be a weirdo.


​Real creation is hard. It is often messy and unpredictable. It can be waves of love and horror, joy and shame, flow and blockage. Creation is the intentional conversation with reality itself, and requires safe space for all of that, and everything else, just as it is.

The Three Fates by DividingME Photography

'The Three Fates' by DividingME Photography.

The Surprising, Ancient, Reality Creating Origin of “Weirdo”


The first records of the term ‘weirdo’, someone who does or says weird things, come from the US in 1950’s. ‘Weird’ derives from the Old English noun ‘wyrd’, essentially meaning ‘fate’, which referred to the Fates, or Moirai - the three Greek goddesses who spun, measured, and cut the thread of life for each person born into this world. This was derived from the Proto-Indo-European (4,500 to 2,500 BC) root ‘wer’, meaning “to turn, bend”, “to become”. 

When a child was born, Clotho, the spinner, spun the thread of the baby’s life from the fibers of consciousness. She gave the thread to Lachesis, who predicted and measured the thread, deciding how long it would be. Atropos, would examine the thread, consider the person’s actions and consequences, and choose how and when they would die by cutting the thread.

The Fates were daughters of Nyx, the Greek Goddess of Night, and had no father. Nyx was one of the first primordial beings to exist on earth with Gaia, the primordial deity of earth, shortly after primordial deities began emerging at all from Chaos, the void and emptiness that preceded all things. 

The Fates performed their timeless duties impartially. So while the thread of one’s life declared or imprinted a tendency of how that life would go (fate), what one chose to do with or become because of, or despite what had been woven, was actually up to that conscious being (destiny). 

In essence, a weirdo is someone who chooses what they become as they weave their own consciousness into the fiber of existence spun straight out of existential consciousness itself. So let that freak flag fly, weirdo.

I have two spaces, contexts, where I create for the love of creating. But mostly for love. These are spaces where I work my own things out, or make open and safe for others to also reclaim, connect with, and live into their own experience of being a creator. As you can imagine, these spaces are often wellsprings of incredible experiences and creations. And from them we share and make available what we have discovered and conjured, even the whole truth of it to those who are open and willing to listen.

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