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Charles Actual on lake edge

To the best of my ability, the way I present in the world is an attempt to connect and meet others where they are. Underneath all this are my own vivid senses of patterns, energies, forms, and for lack of a better word, love. 


My ability to translate and operate in and among all of this is often in some kind of collaborative service to the creations or journeys of others. 

Charles Actual* is a space, a context where what I sense and sort on my own can be rendered and shared just as it is. Maybe to see what connects.


*'Actual' is a dynamic military call sign indicating the commanding officer of a situation or unit.


The highly visual, iterative and meditative process of creating music has helped me connect with and render very vivid  senses of forms and patterns. I have been intrigued and grateful to hear people describe my work as 'spatial' or 'spherical'.

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Charles Actual eddge of dust storm
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Perhaps one of the most liberating spaces to create for oneself is a place to post and share ideas that don't necessarily have a purpose or angle.


I have a growing collection of essays and posts that I have been putting together that have so far been a bit coy in revealing how they sort and connect. In general they are all about the experiences of creating and living as a conscious spirit having a human experience. Something, in theory, relatable to those who are able to take an existential step back every now and a while.

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